Exotic Wood Carving of Rajasthan in Sandalwood and Kadam Wood

wood carving Rajasthan

Wood Carving Of Rajasthan

The wood carving of Rajasthan is a mixture of Rajputana and  Rajasthan art form. The wood carvings were indispensable in Royal places. The artists in Rajasthan carry a rich tradition in this delicate and painstaking work. Hand molding or hand carving is a major art creating poetry in wood.

Barmer is a place where some artists are producing brilliant masterpieces. You will find beds and couches which have perforated (jali or net carving) design sporting any number of patterns and motifs.

wooden Jharokha

The Jharokha, measuring 660 × 710mm is a type of overhanging enclosed balcony used typically in Indian architecture. Jharokhas helps the ladies in the Sanana (secluded place for women) to see outside without being seen.

Hand Carved Wood Camel Online
Hand Carved Wood Camel Online

The camel, the ship of the desert, is reflected in most of the Rajasthani arts for example mantelpiece to key chains, wood camels, paper knives, and trinket boxes. Mostly these are done in kadam wood.

The thick, yellow, and fine-grained Sandalwood are highly aromatic; the fragrance of sandalwood will not diminish with years compared to other aromatic trees. The oil extracted from Sandalwood oil as well as the wood itself is full of pleasant smell. Sandalwood finds use in making highly priced and delicate furniture

Sandalwood (Chandan) is highly sensitive and has an aromatic blend, thus is widely used in making decorative objects such as furniture, photo frame, jewelry box, and sandalwood incense, sandalwood oil, sandalwood candle and much more.

Hey, can be found on chair backs, table tops and smaller items like trinket boxes. Some jewelry boxes with music, embedded wires are too intricate and delicate. In Udaipur, natural colored resins are used extensively to produce by eye- catching tables, teapots, lamps and decorative items.

Hand Carved Wooden Ambabari ElephantAnother place famous for wood working/ carving center in Rajasthan is Ramgarh in Shekhawati. Their specialties are finely wrought doors, window panes, low folding chairs and latticed screen windows, etc. The seamless integration of delicate and decorative carvings with lacquering technique is found in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Sawai Madhopur and Udaipur.

In case you are looking for old-worldly doors and windows, wooden jharokhas, tables with cast iron perforated jaalis, sideboards, chairs, benches,  swings and dressers Rajasthan is the best place. Brass, tiles, and metal are used to add to the beauty. Jodhpur, Jaipur, Shekhawati and Bikaner are the centers for wood carvings and wooden items.

Wooden Painted Furniture

Painted wooden

Painted wooden furniture, delicately carved wooden doors, woodcarvings (with images of elephants, parrots, human and animal figures), string-bottom chairs are also seen on the lengths and breadth of this state. The thin inner hide of the camel is used in these wood carvings.

These artists use pencil sketches, chisel, polishers and of course their imagination and artistic skill to produce poetry. The inlay work on wood (Tarakashi) articles in the Safavid era includes doors, windows, mirror frames, inlaid boxes, pen and pen holders, lanterns and inlaid ornaments.

The variety of wood carving is limitless in Rajasthan -lampshades, hip flasks, dolls. Perfume vials or vases.

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