Wooden Owl Brings Good Luck For Home

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Wooden owl brings good luck for home

A lot of myths are associated with the cute little bird Owl. But in reality, Owl is a very mild bird and harmless bird. But Owl is powerful enough in converting negative strength to positive one just by its look. Goddess Lama, Goddess of wealth, power and splendour has Owl as her travelling companion.

Owl sleeps all day and awake at night, so when you sleep, you have this mighty bird to look after you at night. In case you need custom carved wooden carved handmade items, yes, we can do that for you. Owls are known as “lord with circular eyes” (Choka-dola) is used in the East to refer to Lord Jagannath (Juggernaut).


Wooden Owl Figurine Baby Owl

If you want to bring in the power of Laxmi and Owl, just have the majestic wooden Own from Rajasthan. Intrinsically crafted by the gifted craftsmen in wood, the Own looks as if alive. You can even get these made as per your specifications.

You can have these majestic pieces in different sizes at a very competitive price order online and get it delivered  at your doorsteps. The right place to keep this most intriguing bird is on the top of the mantle. They are carved out of Kadam wood, in fact, the white owl is supposed to have high power and medicinal power.

Get in touch with us and bring in power, vigil and prosperity to you and your family through the dominant bird. Owl symbolises luck and protects people from suffering as per Japanese belief. They even carry an owl wherever they go. Let us follow suit to bring in wisdom, luck and magic.    

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